Winter Schedule 

The winter schedule applies from January until we are able to row on the water (typically mid-late March, weather permitting)

Monday                                   5:30 - 7am

Tuesday                                  5:30 - 7am 

Wednesday                              5:30 - 7am

Thursday                                 5:30 - 7am

Spring and Fall Schedule

During the spring through fall seasons, juniors row on the water, weather permitting. During inclement weather, the rowers practice on the ergometers at the Dammerich Rowing Center in Skokie, Illinois.

Monday                                  5:30 - 7am

Tuesday                                 5:30 - 7am

Wednesday                             5:30 - 7am

Thursday                                5:30 - 7am

Friday                                     5:30 - 7am

*Saturdays will typically either be filled with a regatta, or an optional practice