Former NSC rowers have gone on to row at George Washington, Holy Cross, Kansas, Notre Dame, Princeton, Puget Sound, Rollins, Santa Clara, Syracuse, Trinity and Tufts among others

As an athlete that has participated in a number of sports growing up, I can honestly say rowing for NSC was the best decision I made during high school. I learned the true meaning of teamwork through a sport that requires the unification of every body in the boat. It quickly became my greatest passion, especially due to the incredible coaches and rowers’ parents. Without any prior rowing experience, I joined the team fall of my junior year, and after a tough erg season and spring training trip in Clemson, South Carolina, I made it to Nationals in two boats as the Lightweight 4 coxswain and a Lightweight 8 rower. The lightweight 4 boat I coxed placed 8th in the country. I have continued coxing for both men and women at the Division 1 level in college.
— Kristin Baker, LFHS '13, Northeastern '17
My daughters’ involvement with NSC has been invaluable! They learned a new sport, developed important time management, organization, and leadership skills, and most importantly, the value of working together for the team to be successful.
— Rick Amos (parent), Kelly Amos, LFHS '11 and Jordan Amos, LFHS '13
Crew was a sport I had never heard about before high school, and I was so scared to join the team. For me, joining meant deviating from what I had grown accustomed to. I did not know anyone on the team, and I was petrified to go into a completely new situation. Looking back 5 years later, I am absolutely sure that joining NSC was not only one of the best decisions I have ever made, but it also shaped me into the person I am today. NSC gave me the confidence to be myself and it taught me how to be a leader. NSC also taught me how powerful determination can be, and what it means to work as a team. I am so grateful for having joined NSC because it gave me the opportunity to morph into a stronger person, both mentally and physically, while also giving me some of my most incredible high school memories. During my time on NSC, I made amazing friends who have stood by me through thick and thin, I got to race at Nationals in two separate boats, and I also got to learn more about myself than I ever would have thought possible. NSC was the highlight of my highschool years, although it got extremely tough at times, what I gained from the experience was far better than I could have ever imagined.
— Hannah Carlson, WA '13, Santa Clara University '17
Being a part of NSC was unlike any other sport that I had ever been apart of because the word “team” is so paramount. I relied on the other girls almost as a lifeline and we all trusted that each one of us were 100% committed to move the boat. No matter how hard the practice or how much I wanted to give up I couldn’t because I knew the person next to me was doing and feeling the exact same thing. I developed a unique relationship with these girls because we were all willing to test our own limits and go the extra distance for each other. We turned into a family and the bond we have with each other is indescribable. I cannot image where I would be or who I would have become without NSC or Heather. Joining NSC was the best decision that I have ever made!
— Morgan Coleman, WA '08
Who would think nearly 6 years after high school, I would find our adult daughter still thriving within a Rowing Club! High school coaches prepared her for continued success and a healthy life style post college! The community building around hard work, mental discipline and long hours through thick and thin has a lasting effect.
— Deb Guy (parent), Maddie Guy, WA '08
After just a matter of days on the water, I absolutely fell in love. NSC has blessed me with teammates that became lifelong friends, training and hardship that became lifelong lessons, and coaches that became lifelong mentors. My time with NSC has given me leadership skills, toughness, and heart that I wouldn’t have been able to acquire anywhere else. Rowing has blessed me with infinite life lessons, After a four year career with teammates I would do anything for, coaches that I loved and respected, a national ranking under my belt, and a sport that still gives me chills to think about, I can say with full confidence that joining NSC was definitely one of the best decisions I ever made.”
— Bridget Bourbon, WA '13, Syracuse '17